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Dust Coated Babies
Train track children
Stand still and listen
Then go on balancing
Singing songs
About Jesse James
And Billy the Kid
Stuck dreaming about
Cowboys and Indians
Anything with those
Blood painted hills
Train track children
Are perpetually
In the past
Sepia toned
Hats and vests and thoughts
Dime store novels
And for-God’s-sake
Don’t you kids
Have any parents?
Or some place to be?
Train track children
Kicking up dust
Walk right on by
If you ain’t no
Sitting Bull or
Wyatt Earp
Then there’s no room
For you in their life
They only have eyes
For fellow antiques
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Jesse II
Sits in my bones
Like six feet of dirt
But these Colts won’t stop
What worry says
Is around every corner
And thirty four years
Is a long time
For a man to live
Being told who he is
It’s a long time
To fight battles that
You’re not sure you’ll still win
Whatever part of me
That dreamt of rocking chairs
Porches at sunset and cigars
Holding my wife’s hand
And listening to the wheat
Whatever part of me
That forgot what this all meant
That forgot that no one can go back
Has woken up now
To dime-store novels
That will end me
To mistrust in
The once closest
To the truth that
Men grow tired
But that doesn’t mean
That they can rest
Is the rope round my neck
But I’d rather sleep forever
Than keep this insomnia
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Mature content
Reflections on a Night Past :iconkissfromarose:KissFromARose 0 0
Feverish at four a.m.
Before dawn
In that strange twilight
Wandering, as if leaving
The room could change things
As if leaving changes
Anything at all
Soft skin, fast music, and
A laugh in your eyes
You are cruel
But you watch me distrustfully
Even though I’m the one
Who could be hurt the most
It’s not right for you to give me things
And then take them away
Feverish at four a.m.
I just want you
To take everything
Off my mind
I just want you
To help me sleep
But you won’t
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Mature content
Stop Pretending That... :iconkissfromarose:KissFromARose 0 2
I’m arranging you in careful lines
And inhaling you with one deep breath
But it’s been three days now
And I’m in withdrawal
This is insanity
And I don’t believe in my luck
And you’re still in my head.
How many fingertips have traced him?
His face, His back, like a map of
Every girl who came before me.
Turning the glossy pages
Of a travel booklet on Brazil
And trying to think about the requirements
For a biology major focused in ecology.
But his face gets in the way.
I remember his eyes too clearly for comfort.
“You can’t bear to let me forget anything.”
Voice caught up by the March wind.
But it wouldn’t reach his ears anyways.
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Cannibalistic desire
She lets herself be eaten
Devoured by every lover
A collar round her throat
She tries to be mild mannered
Tries to laugh and smile
But her eyes are too glazed
And her voice comes out cracked
She is bittersweet at best
All theirs at worst
She serves herself up with garnish
To trick them, to trick herself
And you can’t even see her sometimes
Cause all her emotions
Turn her into a chameleon
Jumble her up till you can’t find her edges
Mixed together like rinsing a paintbrush
They can’t leave her be
:iconkissfromarose:KissFromARose 0 3
This vulnerability
Like open windows
Or speeding in the rain
Was thrilling at first
But recently I’ve realized
The inherent risk…
I’m not sure I’m willing to take that.
“I don’t want you quitting this little agreement.”
Click it or ticket.
But there’s nowhere that says
That seat belts and air bags
Will always save you.
Trusting too much again.
If I’m gonna risk it
I might as well go all the way.
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I Didn't Ask For This
I can feel your hot breath
Through every strand of hair
And please, there’s no need
To suggest any further
I know where your hands
Want to go from here
And I suppose it’s not
Entirely your fault
You can accuse me
I won’t deny my crimes
I won’t deny that once
I asked for this from you
But since when did
That mean you can
Devour me whole?
I need you to leave
Me some for myself
Cause you aren’t filling in
Any of the holes
That you’ve formed
I can’t help feeling
Small in your arms
Or clay in your hands
I wish I could hate it
But you should’ve seen
That I would break
Or at least warned me
Not to trust you with
My self
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I want to hide in your couch cabinet drawers under
your table inside your refrigerator –look closely
between friday’s pie and yesterday’s berries–
Want to inhabit your eyes and ears drown everything
else out fill your nose mouth suffocate you with
my presence alone –this is not abuse–
I will be in your t.v. all five hundred channels all five
hundred yous between the fantasy and fiction on
your bookshelf every song on your radio computer
ipod every lyric every melody
I want to follow you haunt you in the walls and behind
every door and
If you try to escape me drive off in the night I’ll sleep in
the trunk of your car I’ll push the pumps of your
engine push your pedals travel your route buckle
you up
And if you finally find me clinging to the underside of
your bed breathless eyes wide lips curled between a
smirk and a snarl you will deny me unless I can
silence you with
:iconkissfromarose:KissFromARose 0 0
The Dilemma of Moss-Eyes
These thoughts don’t stop
Like fireflies in august
When I inhabited another body than this one
Putting flowers and feathers in my hair
Glowing and running
Legs like a spider’s
Coated my feet and fingers
With the ground
And I swore – I swore –
That if I was still enough, close enough
To the trees
Or the rocks
Or the grass
That no one would find me
But moss-eyes
Or robin
Or the other leaf-tangled comrades
Who hide me among them
But I’m not supposed to believe
In moss-eyes or hiding
Or people who garland themselves
With the earth and the sky and the rivers
We can call the fireflies pretty
But we can’t call them god
:iconkissfromarose:KissFromARose 0 0
Not unsettled by them so much as
Enamored with them
They drip their black
Raw syllables
Paralyzing you
But I trust them
I would let them sink their claws
Into my shoulders and arms
Lift me, carry me back to their nests
They appear like droplets
From down here on the path
Out-of-place in their perfection
They fit too well among the empty branches
You can try to make eye contact
Try to step closer
But they always fly away
Mordred and Morgan alone might know them
But the rest of us just can’t get close
They laugh at our fascination
And peck at our lips and sighs
Torturously hopping out of my grasp
Evading my wet, dirtied fingers
I’d crawl through the mud
Through the damp and soggy grass
But they hear my coming
And will give me nothing more
Than ink drops where they last stood
:iconkissfromarose:KissFromARose 0 0
Press One to Re-Record...
I need a voice recorder
I need a voice recorder because
My hand can’t keep up
With these repetitive thoughts
There are post-it notes littering my wall
And the melody of some song in the background and
I’m afraid I’ll choke on the pen
But you are listening.
You are listening and the sound
Goes in one ear, out the other
Leaving messages with nerve cells for your brain
You will receive them
When you go back to check your voicemail
The grating beeping with your fake greeting
Is the only recording device I know
But I’m sorry I keep leaving you messages
That sound like someone else on the playback
I’m sorry I’ve been leaving you messages at all.
But these thoughts don’t stop
Like fireflies in august
When I inhabited another body than this one
And I apologize for my misleading actions
So many notebooks and pens
For a girl who can’t put down her thoughts
And you probably think me crazy
But this apology isn’t just for you
I just have some things to g
:iconkissfromarose:KissFromARose 0 0
She stood by the window, glancing out at the blowing grass, leaves. He was talking, saying something, probably something important for her to hear, but she wasn’t listening. Not to him at least. Maybe to the wind, but not to him.
There was a look in her eyes, when she finally did turn to him, a look that spoke of giving in, giving up. She appeared weary, suddenly, and she walked to the door, out into the field. Even the way she carried herself spoke of a need to get out, get away from what was inside that house right now. He let her go with a sigh, hearing the words she had spoken so many times about that feeling echo in his head.
“I just… sometimes I can’t be in here… I just… can’t be trapped like this… Don’t ask me what it is, if it’s you or me or this place… It’s everything, it’s…. I don’t know. I just need to leave sometimes.”
Trailing her fingers over and through the tall fronds, she let her eyes drift
:iconkissfromarose:KissFromARose 0 9
Spirit Boy Caught in the Rain by KissFromARose Spirit Boy Caught in the Rain :iconkissfromarose:KissFromARose 0 3
If The Truth Hurts...
      They are whispers because my words are uncertain, I have been clinging to habit for too long. You will answer with your mouth that it is alright, you will answer with your eyes that it is not. I will contemplate taking it back, but besides the flood of memories and those last few straws on my back, we both know it's too late.
      The cuts will heal long before the other marks do, and I will forever be left wondering why and what if. You will love me still, and I will pray that that will fade much quicker than with time.
      You always apologized, which never made sense, because your words could never be as cruel as my intentions. It was never you who sought so hard to catch their eyes. It was only what you couldn't change, what I decided I could not put up with, that you ever did wrong. Let the blame rest with the one who deserves it. They were my thoughts, not yours. It is I who seeks elsewhere,
:iconkissfromarose:KissFromARose 1 0

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Ah! Si tu savais...
United States
Current Residence: collegeee
Personal Quote: i don't know the details, i just feel the urge
now that i'm actually getting pretty happy with my writing, it seems i haven't let anybody outside of my college see it.


so, in other words, i have it in mind to put up the poems that ended up in my end of semester portfolio for a poetry workshop i did.

now i just have to do it.

The portfolio, which with the help of a friend I bound into a little book, is titled:
Messages for Nerve Cells


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